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Mycorrhizal Applications International (Australia) (MAI) manufacture, distribute and promote MycoApply®, an environmentally friendly inoculant for superior plant performance.

MAI’s research into mycorrhizal technology has uncovered the benefits that mycorrhizal fungi play in soil nutrition and plant development when introduced to the soil. The treatment is based on research completed by Dr. Nick Malajczuk and Dr. Michael Amaranthus, experts in their field of mycorrhizal fungi.

MAI Australia works in association with Mycorrhizal Applications Incorporated based in Oregon, USA lead by Dr. Michael Amaranthus. Together with Dr Nick Malajczuk they have collaborated on numerous scientific papers and projects.

Their research recognises that mycorrhizal fungi play a significant role in the health of plants, soil and the overall environment. MAI Australia is able to offer its customers proven results in plant growth management through research, expertise, innovation and consulting services.


MycoApply® is an organic, scientifically proven product which naturally helps the establishment and growth of most ornamental, vegetable, turf grass and broad acre plant species.

It provides active nutrient and water uptake allowing a reduction in chemical fertiliser use. You can produce
vigorous and healthy plants, vegetables, fruit, lawns, crops and ornamentals and at the same time;

use less fertiliser
increase drought resistance
improve soil condition
greater disease protection
better plant growth
sequester carbon

By simply adding to potting mix, watering in, root dipping or seed coating, MycoApply® will naturally
improve plant vigor and extend your plant’s root system, providing drought tolerance, increased yields
and disease resistance.

Developed, manufactured and packaged in Australia for Australian conditions.

MycoApply®, the effective and environmentally friendly solution for plant growth.


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