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  • MycoApply® Endo Liquid  (ACO registered product allowed input 11180AI)

    A general purpose Mycorrhizal inoculant working with 90% of Endo type plant species. Aimed at promoting plant growth, increasing drought tolerance and reducing traditional fertilizer inputs.

    Liquid (212 micron)
    4 species Endomycorrhizae

    MycoApply® Maxx

    A specially formulated blend of Endo and Ecto Mycorrhiza, Trichoderma and Bacillus species plus other beneficial bacteria, vitamins and amendments. Designed to cover the broadest range of Endo and Ecto plant species, growing environments and industry types.

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What is Mycorrhiza?

mycor = fungus, rhiza = root , 'fungus root' naturally occurring beneficial fungi, symbiotic on 90% of plants.

How does it work?
Mycorrhizal spores germinate when in contact with plant roots and form filaments (hyphae), which create a symbiotic relationship increasing the plants ability to uptake fixed nutrients and water, improving plant performance, using a natural, organic product.

Why is mycorrhiza important?
They improve the biology of the plant/soil relationship and are the essential active ingredient missing in most of the current growing practices, they reduce the need for chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

Endo Mycorrhiza – forms a symbiotic relationship with 90% of plants, mostly herbaceous plants. Endo is also referred to as VA Mycorrhiza or VAM

Ecto Mycorrhiza – some plants, mainly tree species, form a symbiotic relationship with Ecto Mycorrhiza.

Download our fact sheet to find out about the commercially important plant types that benefit from MycoApply® Mycorrhizal Plants.

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Customer Testimonials

Nick Malajczuk's ability to explain how mycorrhiza worked and how it enhanced soils and farming operations was purely refreshing. As a farmer, I was convinced by Nick that I was on the right path with reinoculating paddocks. I needed confirmation there'd be an economic advantage in applying mycorrhizal fungi, so in 2010 one of the driest years, I set up my own replicated trials and compared the use of VAM to No VAM. The results confirmed what I was looking for and MAI Australia’s products are now a part of our farming operation.

Gavin Hagboom - Dowerin WA

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