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What is Mycorrhiza?

mycor = fungus, rhiza = root , 'fungus root' naturally occurring beneficial fungi, symbiotic on 90% of plants.

How does it work?
Mycorrhizal spores germinate when in contact with plant roots and form filaments (hyphae), which create a symbiotic relationship increasing the plants ability to uptake fixed nutrients and water, improving plant performance, using a natural, organic product.

Why is mycorrhiza important?
They improve the biology of the plant/soil relationship and are the essential active ingredient missing in most of the current growing practices, they reduce the need for chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

Endo Mycorrhiza – forms a symbiotic relationship with 90% of plants, mostly herbaceous plants. Endo is also referred to as VA Mycorrhiza or VAM

Ecto Mycorrhiza – some plants, mainly tree species, form a symbiotic relationship with Ecto Mycorrhiza.

Download our fact sheet to find out about the commercially important plant types that benefit from MycoApply® Mycorrhizal Plants.



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