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MAI Australia provides a consultation service to a range of agricultural, turf, forestry and horticultural projects. Our service provides assessment of plants and agricultural crops for the need of appropriate mycorrhizal fungi to improve yield and survival.


Key Consulting Areas

  • Identifying key areas of plant improvement.
  • Expertise in plant management.
  • Utilising the MycoApply® to suit the soil and climatic conditions.
  • How to maintain and improve crop quality in difficult conditions.
  • Advising on plant stress and plant disease to rectify plant performance.
  • Root analysis to test for Mycorrhizae.

Root Sample Evaluation
MAI offers root and soil analysis as well as recommendations to those customers that wish to maximise their plants performance, whether it be crops, nurseries, forestry or horticulture.
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University Associations
Established links to Universities allow the appointment and supervision of University graduates to work on specific projects pertinent to each industry.

Current projects include:
Selecting ectomycorrhizal fungi for inoculating plantations in South China (Murdoch University).

Chemical Characterisation of the aroma compounds produced by the Manjimup grown Black Truffle (Edith Cowan University).

Examining the genetic basis for male and female plant development in Casuarinas (Edith Cowan University).


Customer Testimonials

Nick Malajczuk's ability to explain how mycorrhiza worked and how it enhanced soils and farming operations was purely refreshing. As a farmer, I was convinced by Nick that I was on the right path with reinoculating paddocks. I needed confirmation there'd be an economic advantage in applying mycorrhizal fungi, so in 2010 one of the driest years, I set up my own replicated trials and compared the use of VAM to No VAM. The results confirmed what I was looking for and MAI Australia’s products are now a part of our farming operation.

Gavin Hagboom - Dowerin WA

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