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What is MycoApply®?
An organic blend of mycorrhiza spores that actively help plant growth.

What is mycorrhiza?
mycor = fungus, rhiza = root , 'fungus root' naturally occurring beneficial fungi, symbiotic on 90% of plants.

How does it work?
Mycorrhizal spores germinate when in contact with plant roots and form filaments (hyphae), which create a symbiotic relationship increasing the plants ability to uptake fixed nutrients and water, improving plant performance, using a natural, organic product.

Why is mycorrhiza important?
They improve the biology of the plant/soil relationship and are the essential active ingredient missing in most of the current growing practices, they reduce the need for chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

How long will it take?
Response to the product occurs in 1-2 weeks and improved growth or vigor will be seen throughout the growing period.

How often do I need to reapply?
After 1-2 applications, when the symbiotic fungi are established they will remain active on the roots for the life of the plant, while favorable conditions are maintained.

Who discovered mycorrhizas?
A German scientist called A B Frank made the discovery about 120 years ago. More recently Dr Mike Amaranthus (MD of MA Inc USA) and Dr Nick Malajczuk (MD of MAI Aust.), between them, have 50 years of research and experience in the use of mycorrhizas.

Why is it being introduced now?
Although mycorrhizas are naturally occurring in undisturbed soils current practices of chemical fertilization and pest management have depleted the natural populations. Mycorrhizas need to be re-introduced to growing situations where degradation, sterilization or chemical overload has destroyed them. MycoApply® answers the call for more organic, environmentally friendly, and sustainable growing and fertilizing practices.

Thousands of scientific studies have shown that mycorrhizas provide many benefits for plant growth, soil condition and the environment. Only in recent times has the production process been commercialized and now, easy to apply, mycorrhiza powder or granular product is readily available and economical to use.

Can you guarantee success?
YES, if used as directed. We have sustainable results from customers in Australia and USA.

How is quality controlled?
The production process is monitored and product is scientifically assessed for quality before sales.

Can I stop using chemical fertilizer?
Yes, if there is a high level of residual fertilizer in the system. The plant will still require nutrition but it is possible to reduce the rate of chemical fertilizer by one third to half your normal rate. It is recommended to move to organic inputs or fertilizers with lower nitrogen and phosphate levels. Over fertilizing is detrimental to the survival of mycorrhiza on the roots.

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