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Following on from the Landline article of ‘Soil Secrets’ we would like to reinforce the importance of microbial health in soils and other planting media,  in particular the role of mycorrhiza fungi.

We believe mycorrhiza fungi are extremely important, if not the number one beneficial microbe for influencing plant health and growth, as they are directly connected and interactive with the plants root system.

MAI Australia has over 40 years’ experience in microbiology with a focus on Ecto and Endo mycorrhiza.

Contact us today to find out how we can improve your planting system and optimise your soil health and crop yield.

Soil Secrets
Broadcast: 11/11/2012 1:53:22 PM Reporter: Prue Adam

Increased carbon content

Mycorrhizal fungi deposit carbon in the soil
(above) which improves soil productivity
while taking the greenhouse gas CO2 out
of the atmosphere. Compare the carbon
content of the mycorrhizal soil on the right
in this side by side trial.

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