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The general observations are the longer the wait to apply any fungicide after mycorrhizal fungi inoculation, the better the mycorrhizal fungi development.

Most foliar sprays of any fungicide (except sytemics such as Bayleton) have little effect on mycorrhizal fungi.

Download the fungicide information sheet and research paper on the effects of fungicide and colonization of mycorrhizae for more information.

MAI fungicides which effects mycorrhiza list.pdf

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We have been using MycoApply for about a year to eighteen months now. At first just in small starts, and then more frequently, as required, and as we grew more confident in the product. Where we are in Wembley, we are on the top of a hill and the topsoil appears to have been denuded over the years and we have to do a lot to make the soil rich enough for plants to grow healthily. MycoApply has definitely helped improve the condition of the soil.

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