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Three independent research studies demonstrating a 20-50% fertilizer savings with mycorrhizal inoculation with our MycoApply® product. The combination of MycoApply® and reduced fertilizer use actually resulted in increased plant biomass compared to the standard fertilizer treatments in most circumstances.  The fertilizer savings more than pays for the mycorrhizal inoculum.

Download the reports from these links

The Use of Mycorrhizal Fungi to Increase Nutrient Use Efficiency and Reduce Nitrogen and Phosphorus Leaching in Nursery Conditions

Hancock Potato Research 2010

Digger Farwest Plant Nursery Article


Customer Testimonials

2 years ago we applied MycoApply to 16 grass tennis courts and created 8 control courts. The condition of the wintergreen couch on the trial courts is noticeably better. They've been more drought resistant, increased firmness and required less fertiliser. The control courts needed more fertiliser and had more dry patch during summer.

By using MycoApply in our court prep and continuing other maintenance programs, many people have commented that our courts are the best in the State. This year we'll be reapplying MycoApply to all of our courts.

Curator - Bunbury Tennis Club

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