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Results of a 3 year citrus trial at a lemon orchard in Lindsay, CA USA (near Visalia and Tulare.)


All the lemon trees in the foreground of this photo were planted at the same time (within the same 4-week period) three years ago. They are all the same variety from the same nursery and from the same nursery stock. Irrigation, fertilization and all other inputs have been identical over the 3-year trial period. The only difference is that the trees to the right of the tractor road were treated with MycoApply Micronized Endo. The inoculum was mixed with water and applied to the roots of the bare-root trees at the time of planting. The trees on the left did not receive mycorhhizal inoculation of any kind.

Not readily visible in the photo, but very apparent upon closer inspection is the fact that the MycoApply - treated trees are loaded with developing fruit, while fruiting on the non-treated trees is sparse.

This is yet another example documenting the benefits of mycorrhizal inoculation in orchard crops.


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