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Mycorrhizal inputs can be of great benefit when rehabilitating degraded sites and restoring mine sites. Also very advantageous when used for land stabilisation and erosion control. As these sites are usually 'set and forget' situations the outcome of seeding and planting on these sites can be greatly improved by using mycorrhiza in the system. With the added benefit of mycorrhizae the survival rate, when these plantings are relying on nature for long term care, will be greatly increased. MycoApply® can provide important support for successful seed germination, transplant survival and long term establishment where the sites are marginal. It may mean slightly higher upfront cost but the extra addition of MycoApply® often allows the site to re-vegetate in one pass making the process more cost efficient overall.

MycoApply® replaces the  mycorrhiza that is found naturally in undisturbed areas and contains a range of mycorrhizal species. This mycorrhizal diversity provides different capacities and tolerances, Some are better at protection from drought, some produce enzymes that facilitate uptake of phosphorous and iron and others can access organic forms of nitrogen, which overall ensures a range of benefits for plant health.

MycoApply® can be incorporated into the planting hole at the time of transplanting, watered into soil, mixed into soil mixes, or directly dipped on the root systems. It can be broadcast, hydro mulched or applied at seeding. Whichever way is appropriate for application it is clear that the addition of MycoApply® is highly effective on disturbed and degraded sites.

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