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Using MycoApply® when establishing trees, lawns and shrubs gives your plantings insurance for a better start and and long term plant health.

We purchase insurance for our cars, our houses, and ourselves. What about for the trees and shrubs we install? Naturally you want your landscape installations to have the best opportunity to succeed. This is where mycorrhizae play an essential role.

Some planting sites provide a difficult environment to survive and flourish in. They may be compacted, eroded, degraded, and lacking in elements that provide support for plant growth. Adding mycorrhizae will give plants the best opportunity to make full use of added fertiliser and water in both healthy and degraded environs. Beneficial mycorrhizae are depleted by overuse of chemical fertiliser so only small to normal levels of fertiliser are required.

Applying MycoApply® to established gardens will also result in a wide range of benefits for plant health. Mycorrhizae extend the root surface area and this advantage, once established, continues to provide the following benefits;

  • Improved germination

  • Improved transplant survival

  • Improved rooting and plant growth

  • Better fertiliser utilization

  • Improved drought tolerance

  • Tolerance of environmental extremes

  • Reduced leaching of fertiliser

Trees require a healthy environment to grow and thrive, including soil, sunlight for energy, water, low amounts of stress, and freedom from pests and disease.  Waiting until stress is impacting a tree makes the recovery journey exponentially more difficult than maintaining a healthy tree.

Mycorrhizae improve tree establishment and growth, extend the roots’ surface area for better uptake of minerals and nutrients and boost resistance to stress. Tree health and overall performance is enhanced due to the increased root surface allowing the plant to tolerate a wide variety of environmental extremes such as drought, salty irrigation water or soils, and waterlogged, compacted or anaerobic soils. Research shows that trees and plants receiving a mycorrhizal inoculation experience several hundred to thousand fold increase in absorbing root surface and thus improve all aspects of tree health.

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Customer Testimonials

We live on an acre in the Perth Hills with a lot of clay which does challenge gardening. Last year we applied MycoApply to all our plants, fruit trees and lawns and were amazed by the change especially to the 60 rose bushes. The effect on the lawns and fruit trees is also very obvious. Especially pleasing is the new growth on some Camellias planted under pine trees where in the past, they have struggled for nutrients. All gardens would benefit from MycoApply – a great product.

B&E - Darlington

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