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As home gardens and food production has increased in popularity in recent years so has hydroponics for plant and food production. Almost any plant can be grown in this way today and very little space is required. Mycorrhizal fungi can easily be added, usually as a powder directly into the nutrient solution, but it can be used in other ways such as a root dip gel or incorporated into soil growth medias.

The big advantages of mycorrhizae in hydroponic applications are not unlike more conventional ways of growing plants. Mycorrhizae cause fine feeder roots to branch and extend the active feeding capacity of the root tips by mycelial networks in rockwool or other inert growth media’s that much more effectively access and trans-locate these materials back to the plant.

So the advantages of this system include;

  • Consistent high yields and faster growth
  • Water can be reused
  • Less difficult manual labor and weeds are nearly non-existent
  • Less area required and quality tends to be excellent
  • Mycorrhizae and other biologicals can be easily be introduced to the roots

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Customer Testimonials

Nick Malajczuk's ability to explain how mycorrhiza worked and how it enhanced soils and farming operations was purely refreshing. As a farmer, I was convinced by Nick that I was on the right path with reinoculating paddocks. I needed confirmation there'd be an economic advantage in applying mycorrhizal fungi, so in 2010 one of the driest years, I set up my own replicated trials and compared the use of VAM to No VAM. The results confirmed what I was looking for and MAI Australia’s products are now a part of our farming operation.

Gavin Hagboom - Dowerin WA

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