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Plants propagated and raised in most commercial nursery environments receive intensive care and feeding. The enhanced light and temperature regimes, regular watering, high nutrient feeding and sterile growing mediums minimize certain soil born diseases and maximize production. Unfortunately, the high levels of water and nutrients and the lack of mycorrhizae discourages plants from producing the extensive root systems they will need for successful transplanting.

When finally weaned from the intensive care systems of the greenhouse or nursery, plants are often poorly adapted to the final outplanted environment. The application of MycoApply® during the nursery growth cycle or at transplanting allows plants to better survive a more rigorous out planting environment. Scientific research has documented the need for most plants to generate a mycorrhizal root system in order to become well established. Introducing mycorrhizae to the plant growing system can dramatically improve plant establishment, produce better growth rate, and support long term plant health.

Many growers are now finding they can significantly reduce the ever-rising costs of water, fertilizers and pesticides because a mycorrhizal plant greatly enhances its ability to better utilize these components and to naturally defend itself. The economics of mycorrhizal inoculation makes good business sense by providing better plant health with lower fertilizer and other input costs

Today, treatment can be easily applied by choosing the way that best suits your particular operation. We offer products that can be mixed with plug or transplant mixes, watered-in through injector systems or spray booms or simply topically applied to existing plants in the field or in containers. When one considers all the benefits vs. the low cost and ease of application, mycorrhizal inoculation is clearly a cost effective option for most greenhouse and nursery operations.

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Customer Testimonials

We have been using MycoApply for about a year to eighteen months now. At first just in small starts, and then more frequently, as required, and as we grew more confident in the product. Where we are in Wembley, we are on the top of a hill and the topsoil appears to have been denuded over the years and we have to do a lot to make the soil rich enough for plants to grow healthily. MycoApply has definitely helped improve the condition of the soil.

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