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Agricultural practices that have dominated food production are due for an overhaul, if food production is to increase and environmental considerations are to improve. The increasing costs to agriculture using chemical inputs to achieve profitable yields will, in the end, be unsustainable and with these continued practices the inherent fallout will be further soil degradation.

Mycorrhizae are extremely important to the health of soil and in turn to the health of crops. Farming widespread areas with monoculture crops has isolated plants from beneficial mycorrhizal fungi available in natural ecosystems and means crops are growing in a media of dirt depleted of it's natural microcosm of life (micro-organisms) where they require increased water and nutrients.

Farmers are turning to to mycorrhizal seed inoculation as a solution to more efficient use of fertilizer in their soils. Generally it is possible to reduce fertilizer and water requirements by 30% and achieve similar or greater yields. Adding mycorrhiza confers other long term benefits for soil structure, protection from disease and increased carbon storage.

The process of adding mycorrhiza to seed dress is simple and cost effective. The cost involved is easily offset by reducing fertilizer, having the crop more drought tolerant and needing less pesticide and herbicide. Add to this that the yield will likely be significantly increased and farmers report a better bottom line per hectare.

MycoApply® can provide the essential component for healthy crop growth with better and sustainable yields.

A recommended rate is 1kg MycoApply® Endo or MycoApply® Defence per hectare per year.

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MycoApply® Endo

MycoApply® Endo Liquid

MycoApply® Defence

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